Saturday, January 25, 2014

Winter Awakening

For nearly five years I kept a blog of my adventures in the outdoors and sometime during the third year of that blog I hit a wall of sorts. The words that once flowed so easily no longer came and anything that was posted was somewhat forced. The question of why I was doing this crossed my mind often and last fall the plug was finally pulled. In retrospect I guess the words were still there, it was the will that had vanished.

The past year has been a time of introspection for me and also observing the human condition. Often I find myself wondering why we as humans make our lives harder than they have to be. It seems that the majority is racing towards something but I haven't quite figured out what that is yet. Even in their 'down time' everyone is racing to accomplish something, it's all in 'the plan' I guess. They call it having a life but it sure seems to take a lot out of them. Living, in the truest sense of the word, doesn't involve schedules or appointed time.

Anymore I find myself observing more than 'doing' while partaking in my outdoor interests. Whether it's sitting on a rock along a stream watching a brown trout rise and sip insects off the surface or sitting in a meadow being pelted in the face by wind, snow, and rain watching a bull elk work a herd of cows. The fly rod or the camera takes a back seat to just watching the moment unfold. To me that's the truest sense of living.

It's late January as I type this and I haven't gone trout fishing since mid-October. There are various reasons for that, the weather, the fact that fall stockings have stopped in the area where I live, that I have to travel to find any decent fishing come fall and winter (now), and that I have been busy doing other things. On my desk is a list of flies that I need to tie up before the weather breaks but it hasn't been started as of yet. I do look back fondly on that last trip though as it was a memorable one when the maples were colored up nicely and so were the brook trout.

I did tie up some flies during the late summer and fall including some streamers of my own creation. I call this one the Psychedelic Rainbow.

If the weather ever breaks it would be nice to sneak in a mid-winter fishing trip, even if it only amounts to going through the motions. It seems that this is going to be one of those unrelenting winters, the kind that can test your sanity at times. There are good memories from the fall and hopes for the spring to help during the worst of it. It's all about being in the here and now though, there are things to see, do, and even observe during the bleakest of winter days. Perhaps that's part of what's brought me back here, writing these things down once more. And so it begins again...


  1. I was hopeful that if I hung around long enough, that you would start writing again. I, for one, am very happy for it. Take care -

  2. It's good to hear from you again Casey. Hope you're doing well.

  3. Found you via your comment upon Casey's words, hope you don't mind if I tag along awhile as your words hit a chord inside of me Bill.

  4. Don't mind at all John, glad to hear from you.