Friday, April 4, 2014

The Turning Point

Today was notable as it was the first day since last summer that I heard the familiar call of an Eastern Towhee. "Drink-your-teeeeea! Drink-your-teeeeea! Drink-your-teeeeea! Towheeeeee!" A pair of Northern Flickers also showed up today and were busy digging in the lawn for grubs, ants, or whatever they could find. The Coltsfoot has been blooming on the sunny banks along the road and the Spring Peepers in the ponds and marshes have been performing a serenade for anyone willing to listen.

The last few years spring has 'jumped the gun' so to speak which makes this year seem a bit odd although it's actually closer to normal. I suppose that it's good to have to wait now and then, today's world  seems to be filled with so much instant gratification and lack of patience. On the flip side, folks have always complained about winter and wished for it's quick demise so perhaps things aren't so different after all. In any event, I for one will will enjoy the renewal of the land and continue to monitor the 'march northward' of our feathered friends. In the upcoming weeks and months all heck is going to break loose in our woods and waters, in a good way.


  1. Bill, great to hear that you can "feel" the turning point. We are still fighting colder weather in Colorado, but, there is a glimmer of hope!

  2. Watching four unique seasons come and go with all the changes that accompany them is so entertaining!

  3. is this the same bill as fall road photography? i tried to click on that blog and it seems to have gone missing. i'll add this one to my reader instead.